Run Toward the Noise

Tools, Strategies, and Tactics for your Entrepreneurial Journey

By Jemimah Ashleigh

Jemimah Ashleigh

A few weeks after completing this book, I was catching up with a friend, who at that point, was the only person who had read it.

We were watching a show about a marine sniper (Ryan Felipe's arms are my life) and there was a part in the show where police officers came under fire from "the bad guys".

I turned to my friend and said "I've been in that situation, back when I was in law enforcement. When everybody freezes up, I run toward the noise."

My friend instantly told me to shut up and write that down, "That's the title of your book!"

As an Entrepreneur, you will face hardships, challenges, and things you never thought you'd encounter. I wrote this book for those times. When all hell breaks loose, read this book, and run toward the noise.


who should read this book

Are you in the dreaming stages of coming up with your big idea?

Just a couple months into your entrepreneurial journey?

Maybe you've been going at it and grinding your teeth for the last five years but you're hitting a brick wall?

This book is for you.

If you've ever pillow-screamed "If only I knew that before!" or "Why didn't someone tell me that!?" then this is for you. This book is made up of all the lessons I learned from every mistake I've made along my Entrepreneurial journey.


who definitely shouldn't read it

If you don't like the idea of being challenged on your beliefs and the way you currently do things, don't read this book.

I mean, I absolutely wrote it for people like you. But if you're going to put up a wall, you're not gonna get any value from it.

However, I do like your headstrong-ness. It's cute.

If you can put your ego aside for a moment (it's okay, we all have one) you'll see you and I aren't all that different and there are some #truthbombs in this book that I wrote just for you.


The book is coming out soon!

If you want to get your hands on a copy, flick me your details and I'll let know more closer to the release date!

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