Jemimah Ashleigh

Jemimah Ashleigh


Jemimah's debut book on Entrepreneurship and Business Success will be released in early 2018.

A successful entrepreneur, with three start ups and a host of coaching, mentoring, speaking and writing experience, Jemimah has a passion for business. Between her bespoke jewellery company, Tangs Design, and a digital consultancy, Epic Social, she’s learned a fair bit. It’s not been without setbacks, and she’s learned from all of them.

With a background in security, both through government and private sector work, Jemimah has acquired a keen nose for nonsense. It’s made her keen to break through myths and misconceptions, leading to her podcast, “The Business Experiment”, which she hosts alongside Shevonne Joyce.

She also performs without the mechanism of the internet, having done stand up, improv and stage work. In addition, she writes comedy, blogs, social media and is a professional speaker.

This is all to pass on what she’s learned. With three full businesses and a bunch of other endeavours, she’s got a lot of lessons to pass on, and she can’t wait to do so, continually embracing new mediums and channels to do it. No matter the medium, though, she brings her fun loving attitude, her passion and her humour to help people tell their story their way.

Tangs Design

Find your original

Hand fashioned, bespoke jewellery.

Everything Jemimah does is unique. It’s the only constant. Her jewellery company is no exception. Her handmade creations are designed to stand out, to not be quite like anything else you’ve seen. Made in Canberra, the range of colourful burst jewellery and simpler, classic sterling silver pieces and will appeal to the quirky, zany side of you.

Can’t find one you like? Well, don’t worry, we won’t take it personally. If you want something really unique, we can do that. You can design your own custom jewellery through us and have us craft it. So, even if you don’t see what you’re after, we can soon fix. It’ll even by hypoallergenic, like all our jewellery. What are you waiting for?

The Business Experiment


Jemimah has teamed up with Shevonne Joyce, a fellow entrepreneur and online business guru to create The Business experiment. It’s a podcast devoted to the ins and outs, the ups and downs, the good, the bad and the ugly of running your own business, especially online.

Ever wondered what the right response to an unpleasant message is? Or how to deal with trolls? How to balance your business and the rest of your life? What is the right way to seal the deal and when should you give a client some space? How do you protect your ideas? Using their own experience and talking to a wide range of guests, the pair answer the big questions.

Ultimately, creating a successful brand is about telling your own story, about building real connections with your customers. About collaborating with like minds. It’s about embracing the setbacks, learning from them, and getting right back to work, and it’s about celebrating the triumphs. This podcast should address all of that. And all in under an hour.

Launched in 2016, the podcast has exploded in popularity, with thousands of listeners in 26 countries, and becoming to be the most downloaded podcast in Australia. Find out why below.

Epic Social

In a flooded market, Epic Social can help you stand out. It’s a recent venture of Jemimah’s. With her wealth of experience, she can guide you through every aspect of starting up an online business. After all, you know your product is good, that you know what you’re talking about. You’ve done the hard work. Now you just need people to know about it.

With the huge toolbox the internet gives you, it can seem daunting. It’s the old paradox of having too many good choices. Epic Social can show you how to use them. They can show you how to optimise your choices, how to create your content and how to deal with the responses.

We can get you that first notice, that first bit of attention. We can turn that into a result, a customer. We can help keep that customer satisfied and turn into a regular. Before you know it, they’re promoting for you, happily, just by being a satisfied customer. We can help you with every stage and every aspect.

This can mean anything from showing you how to eliminate white noise on a podcast recording, to writing a blog for you, picking out the best photo, or helping you deal with a trollish comment. Epic Social can help you with any aspect of social media business strategies you can think of. We can do it for you, or teach you how to do it yourself.

And we can do it your war. There is no ‘one size fits all.’ It will be tailored to the needs of your business and your own vision. If you’re not sure what your vision is, we can help you find it. We’ve done it ourselves, and can’t wait to do it for you.


Where did it all start?

Jemimah started in rural Victoria. She didn’t stop there, though. She hasn’t really stopped anywhere. Her first job, working as a profiler for the Australian police of the back of a Bachelor of Science (security) and post-graduate studies in Investigations and Criminal Intelligence, would have been enough for most people. Jemimah is not most people.

After meeting a silversmith in New York, she founded her own jewellery company, Tangs design. As that went from a crazy idea, to a side project all the way to a stable company, she realised that she’d jumped in at the deep end of online promotion, and had turned out to be pretty good at it. And so she started a podcast that taught others.

As that went from a crazy to a side project to a stable company, she realised the enormous collection of knowledge she’d acquired. So she started Epic Social, a company that trains people to use social media’s vast toolbox. It’s currently flying through the increasingly familiar transformation from crazy idea to a side project all the way to a stable company.

In the meantime, she’s also had a crack at impro and comedy, public speaking, MCing and mentoring. The one constant has been change. New challenges, new ideas, new adventures.

She’s completed her Masters in criminal intelligence, she speaks Bahasa and is learning AUSLAN (sign language). She has a Cert IV in training, extensive experience in teaching LGBTI issues, cognitive behavioural therapy, micro-expressions and neuro-linguistic programming. She does stand up, she blogs, she mentors and writes. And she’s approached all of this with humour, passion, a fun loving attitude and enthusiasm.