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So, you’ve got a solid idea and you are good at what you do. In such a noisy online world - how do you get noticed? How do you make yourself the expert in your field? 

With the statistics telling us that 95% of business owners fail in the first 5 years - having an idea is not enough. We have to create a business where our ideal client can find us and know we are good at what we do. 

Luckily, there is help. Jemimah has done this as personal branding coach not only with herself, but with her clients. Not once or twice, but hundreds of times. She knows the process to make you an expert and all the pitfalls that are going to come along the way. 

There is no cookie cutter approach. She doesn’t want to tell you what your business is, it’s not even than she wants to ‘turn it into a business.’ She wants to help you discover what feels authentic to you in sharing your expert message. 

Jemimah uses a holistic approach using your businesses values and your personal goals, she creates a plan to make you the expert you are and to help you accessible to your ideal client. 

Some things Jemimah has used for her clients are:

Personal Branding

Mindset and Copy writing

Podcasting and Authoring a book

Social Media Strategy

Media Kits

High Profile Speaking Engagements

Writing Award Applications

Jemimah can help you the earliest stages, when it’s just the seed of an idea to set yourself up right, all the way through to being a seasoned entrepreneur and needing to cut through the noise.

She’ll help you discover and reveal your story and make you the expert you really are. 


Nick Steain - Actor

Jemimah has helped me understand business to a level that I wouldn’t have been able to achieve independently. Her passion for business and personal development is contagious, coupled with her magnetic personality making her a tour de force and an asset to any new or existing business. 

Her energetic, fun-loving and earnest working approach allows for complete comfort and flexibility while in her presence.

I can’t thank her enough for the help and support she has given me. She is the yardstick I use to measure myself against.


Coaching with Jemimah - in person, or via Zoom or Skype

Unlimited access and support to Jemimah and her team

Complementary access to Make Me An Expert Positioning 12 Week Program

Complementary access to all workshops online and in any city

Personalised Tailored Media Kit and Marketing Podcast Profile

Complementary copy of Jemimah's Book 'Position Me'


3 months - $3599
6 months - $5500
12 months - $11,997

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