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So, you’ve got an idea. That’s how it always starts. But having an idea isn’t enough. So you start thinking about how to turn that idea into something tangible, but you’re not even sure what the first step is. That first step is the scariest, what if you take the wrong one? What if it’s the wrong time to take it?

Luckily, there is help. Jemimah has taken that first step herself. Not once or twice, but fully three times. She’s helped others take it, and spent time with people who are experts on taking it. She also knows the rest of the steps too. And she can help you take them.

She doesn’t want to tell you what your business is, it’s not even than she wants to ‘turn it into a business.’ She wants to help you discover your own story. That’s what a brand is: it’s your story. And she wants to help you find it.She can coach you from the earliest stages, when it’s just the seed of an idea, right through to realising it as a business. She’ll help you discover and reveal your story.

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Nick Steain - Actor

Jemimah has helped me understand business to a level that I wouldn’t have been able to achieve independently. Her passion for business and personal development is contagious, coupled with her magnetic personality making her a tour de force and an asset to any new or existing business. 

Her energetic, fun-loving and earnest working approach allows for complete comfort and flexibility while in her presence.

I can’t thank her enough for the help and support she has given me. She is the yardstick I use to measure myself against.


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