Design and Live Your Inspired Life

I had the opportunity to sit down and chat to Jacqui from the Design and Live Your Inspired Podcast.

She is the successful founder of Inspired Mummies and it was fantastic to have the opportunity to chat all things business real, business life and how to stay motivated and kick goals. You can find here here.

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Ant's Talk Podcast - Jemimah Ashleigh podcast

Ant and I spent a lot of time off air talking about why we hate Donald Trump… so we immediately became best friends. This podcast was totally different to most other interviews I have done. This was a lot more about my life and my background- rather than my business. I really enjoyed taking part of this.

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Improv and It's Unlikely Link to Entrepreneurship

 was on stage during an improvisation (improv) festival and the offer was ‘start from nothing’. I stood alone on stage and looked at the 200+ people in the audience with their eyes looking up at me.

The majority of people reading this have now had a tenth of a panic attack – the concept of being on stage with NOTHING is terrifying, right? And understandably as a business owner, we need to have some sort of idea of what we are doing.

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