Why it’s crucial to be REAL in business

One thing many onlookers do not see on the surface is the hard work, dedication, blood, sweat, limbs, tears and an ocean of passion that goes into everything behind the scenes. Owning your own business is often portrayed as glamorous and smooth sailing, but in reality this is rarely ever the case!

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Power of Collaboration in Business

One of the most popular options that business uses to engage with their audience is to run an event. This can be very successful for some, but falls flat for many. Running an event is a resource sucking and expensive exercise and many get lost in the logistics, forgetting how to really get the outcomes they are after in the first place. Expensive and tiring disaster!

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Jemimah Ashleigh: one of Canberra’s Top female entrepreneurs

It’s not every day you come across remarkable women who have the strength and courage to use their talents to embark on a successful entrepreneurial journey. Canberra businesswoman, Jemimah Ashleigh is named one of Australia’s Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs by My Entrepreneur Magazine and a Woman to Watch in 2018.

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Network Like A Boss!

OK, are you sitting down ‘cause I have a confession to make…ready… I actually likenetworking! There, I’ve said it. It’s weird I know, but it’s true!

I really like getting my game face on and going out there amongst the people – in fact I do it at least 3 times a week and I’ve recently taken on a leadership position within BxNetworking to take it up a notch.

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Why social media likes won’t pay your rent

I get it. It’s immediately gratifying—the rapidly climbing ‘likes’ every time you look at your page, the new followers from all over the world. Nailing your social media game is a crucial element of building your brand, but before getting carried away it’s important to remember one thing: a ‘like’ doesn’t pay your rent.

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